Using SO_REUSEPORT Flag In Multi-Processes UDP Server

SO_REUSEPORT is a new flag available in Linux 3.9+ that allows several threads to bind the same port simultaneously instead of having to race for the same socket, having the kernel round-robin between them. And this was intended to improve the performance of multi-threaded network server applications running on top of multi-core systems.

The real application of this feature should be when sometimes a worker is stalled by a blocking operation, which does not only affect connections that the worker

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Manage Cronjobs Over Multiple Servers

Diglett is a cron management system that manages all your cronjobs without modifying crontab. Handles locking, logging, error emails, and more. This project was created from the need of managing hundreds of tasks ( scheduled tasks) over multiple servers.

Why Diglett ?

Let’s assume that you have the following projects :

  1. projectA : 3 Servers
  2. projectB : 2 Servers
  3. projectC : 4 Servers

And each one of these project has his own multiple cronjobs that only on one of its servers. And

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