Availability-zone-aware DNS Service-Discovery with DNSMasq and Ansible

In opensooq we heavily implement SOA (Service-oriented architecture) and we have a lot of Microservices. And since we have a very scalable dynamic environment that keeps changing, we need some sort of service discovery.

DNS Service Discovery allow us to access our microservices and supportive services by name. It’s not an alternative to load-balancing but a complement to that. As a rule of thumb we place two load-balancers in each availability, and we have DNS round-robin load-balancing for the load

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Manage your Docker image layers with Ansible

If you are managing infrastructure at large scale as we do in OpenSooq you had better have good level of automation and orchestration, your SysAdmins and operators had better handle their infrastructure as code. In OpenSooq, our preferred tool is Ansible.

Ansible is exceptionally great to put your servers into the desired state, which make it ideal for deployment orchestration and configuration management. For containerized environment, typically people use Dockerfiles to describe their setup inside the container, so they

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