OpenSooq Enhances The Mobile Experience With New Progressive Web App

One of the largest online classified ads in the Middle East and North Africa, OpenSooq provides communities in high-growth markets with online marketplaces. We connect local people so they can buy, sell, or exchange used goods and services, making it fast and easy for anyone to post a listing on the web and app.
  • 25% increase Avg time on page
  • 260% more leads (Call, Comment, Chat)
  • 56% improvement in Avg. Page Download Time (sec)

With declining desktop growth, OpenSooq gets over 85% of our traffic from mobile devices—and this number is still growing. Half of their visitors come via their native app and half via the mobile website. We noticed, however, that the majority of conversions were still happening on the native app. Their mobile-web bounce rates tended to be higher as well.

Increasing engagement with “Add to Homescreen” prompt and web push notifications
OpenSooq wanted to re-engage mobile web users, just as they would their mobile app users. On Android devices (which all support service worker, a key PWA technology), this meant taking advantage of re-engagement capabilities like push notifications and the “Add to Home screen” prompt.
OpenSooq implemented web push notifications that work the same as those from native apps and arrive even if the user’s browser is closed. The implementation is delivering over 1M push notifications a day.

Lowering data consumption
OpenSooq users benefit from data consumption savings; the PWA is only 28.3KB over the wire vs. 19MB of downloaded data needed to install the native Android app.

Nearly instant loading with service worker scripts
First loads for OpenSooq clock in at under 3 seconds over 3G networks on most devices. We are rolling out intelligent loading strategies like service workers and parts of the PRPL (Push, Render, Pre-cache and Lazy- load) pattern to dramatically reduce load times for both activities.

We followed Lighthouse instructions (Powered by Google) to improve our performance, SEO, and usability as shown below.
To date, Lighthouse has focused on performance metrics and the quality of PWAs. However, an overarching goal of the project is to provide a guidebook for all of web development. This includes guidance on general best practices, performance and accessibility tips, and end-to-end help on making quality apps.

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