Replicating your SQL into NoSQL and full text search engine (Solr/ElasticSearch)

Opensooq uses so many open source technologies, because each piece has it’s own use case, for example we use Apache Solr to power the content moderation dashboard.

When your main data source is a strict classical ACID SQL, and you want to take that data to some other backend like NoSQL’s, ElasticSearch, or Solr as in our case, for sure you will get out of sync data. Keeping them in-sync becomes harder and

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Integrating Apache Solr with Play Framework in Scala

Typical IT landscape of any large size organization comprises of many different technologies. Apache Solr provides excellent ways to gather information from different types of sources, however the business may demand for integrating Apache Solr with non-J2EE based technology. Although there are various technologies available in market, the placement of Apache Solr like enterprise search engine in broader picture of organization’s IT topology is always targeted for specific areas. This area is nothing but the end user web portals.

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