Automated Testing Android App Upgrades in OpenSooq

Testing at OpenSooq is one of the most important things that a quality assurance should do before any release whatever what is the release such as (big feature, small fix or even a hotfix) testing should be done to make sure that the quality is always perfect .

The theory is that our duty as testers reaches beyond the features of an app in one version only. We are also concerned about issues that

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The Power of Headless Chrome and PWA Automation Using Puppeteer

Testing code is critical for the maintainability of a complex code base, but it is just as important that tests are easy to write, maintain, and understand. Frontend code is no exception to this rule, and behaviors that live in your UI should be tested as well. Historically, testing UI has been hard to accomplish for a variety of reasons, but using React removes a lot of these hurdles. We hope that puppeteer does a good job of removing the

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Automating deeplinks with iOS using iMessages

In OpenSooq, delivering a high-quality product is of utmost importance. To accomplish this goal, we use automated testing to catch bugs before they reach our users. One of the challenges that we face every release is testing deep linking.

The main goal of clicking on notification by users is getting the content they want to see. However, the internal process should handle the notification and the deep link inside this notification.  On Others hand, clicking on Add post notification should redirect

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OpenSooq Android Performance Testing: Make Hard Things Easy


The future of Android testing is bleak if as a Quality Engineers don’t change the way of testing. Automating the test cases is good but understanding the system services (CPU, Battery, RAM, ..) of the app to go to the next level is great. In OpenSooq, Our development cycle is extremely fast, and we’ve built tools to keep it that way. On another hand, this will add more headache on Quality to make sure that every release is a bug-free.

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