Automated Testing Android App Upgrades in OpenSooq

Testing at OpenSooq is one of the most important things that a quality assurance should do before any release whatever what is the release such as (big feature, small fix or even a hotfix) testing should be done to make sure that the quality is always perfect .

The theory is that our duty as testers reaches beyond the features of an app in one version only. We are also concerned about issues that

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Testing Android Deep Linking at OpenSooq

In OpenSooq, delivering a high-quality product is of utmost importance. To accomplish this goal, we use automated testing to catch bugs before they reach our users. One of the challenges that we face every release is testing deep linking.

The main goal of clicking on notification by users is getting the content they want to see. However, the internal process should handle the notification and the deep link inside this notification.  On Others hand, clicking on Add post notification should redirect the user

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The Evolution of RecyclerView Adapter in OpenSooq

Our Android app has many major components can help our business to grow, we have to provide our user with a seamless experience to sell and buy fast. However, we are building listing items with action for our users. The complexity of the listing items comes from handling and tackling RecyclerView.

RecyclerView by far is the biggest layout in Android, and that’s because a Recyclerview is a viewport into a huge virtual layout, and we are facing the challenge of redundant

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Android Continuous Integration

Imagine that you are working on Android project that has around 17353 Class with total 102439 Method, gradlew assemble will be your worst nightmare! Building APK would be painful, what about you having three flavors to build!

The solution here is Continuous Integration (CI). CI is a powerful tool for the Android team at Opensooq. It gives us a platform to automate the build and make the build self-testing.

To achieve this, we have a dedicated mac mini running our

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