Building Opensooq: A Progressive Web App

There have been a few turning points in the history of the web platform that radically changed how web apps were built, deployed and experienced. Ajax was one such pivot that led to a profound shift in web engineering and user experience. It allowed web applications to be responsive enough to challenge the conventional desktop apps. The same shift is now underway on mobile where web apps can finally be as performant, immersive, and engaging as native apps.

Google has been pushing PWA’s hard as the solution to many of the problems of the modern web — particularly issues for mobile users.Building great mobile experiences is an indispensable part of Opensooq’ success. We at Opensooq decided to live on this bleeding edge and build a truly powerful and technically advanced web app while working to further evolve these APIs. Opensooq progressive web app is designed to showcase the fast performance and slick user experience possible using modern web platform features, and serve as a jumping-off point for building a more custom and feature-rich app.

We built a Progressive Web App to combine the best of our app with the broad reach of the web. It leverages new, open web APIs to offer a mobile web experience that loads quickly, uses less data, and re-engages users in multiple ways. The new strategy delivered a dramatic improvement in overall user experience. We also added Push Notifications for mobile web users on Android. Sent via the mobile web, these notifications look and feel exactly like native-app notifications, and work even if the browser isn’t currently running on a device.

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